There are so many ways to display your miniature artwork!

Here's just a few ideas.  I don't make money from these (they are not paid in any way), they're just some links to help you get started!

I really love this gold frame on Amazon ($7.99 shipped free with Prime)

FRAMES 2.5" x 3.5".....Michaels:

Etsy (ACEO frames and mats):

eBay (ACEO frames and mats):

CARDS (Greeting card format with insert slot for ACEO size painting)
- Strathmore Frame Cards
    - Amazon:
    - Jerrys Artarama:

Have fun decorating your home and making gifts for friends and family.  I'm so honored that my art is part of your home.

Lots of Love,


Bunnies!  ACEO 2.5" x 3.5"oil paintings in lovely frames

Black beveled mat from 2.5" x 3.5" ACEO size to 5" x 7" frame

ACEO displayed on tiny wood easel



  Strathmore Card with Envelope

Hobby Lobby frame

I'm so thrilled to see this mantle display in beautiful frames...  In the home of a very sweet friend from eBay.  Gorgeous!

A special bird for my eBay friend...   in her self-designed frame!  She's amazing!
More framed paintings kindly shared from my eBay friend....  I love seeing them!

More gorgeous framing ideas!

I love this 4 in one frame for a 4 ACEO set!

More framing ideas!

An example of matching the painting tones to the frame colors.... it REALLY looks amazing.

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