Mary King, an international artist, has been painting all her life off and on. Her education is in business (MBA UCLA), and she was employed primarily in industry with focus on design and installation of computer programs, computer systems, engineering, and people leadership. She is from California but lives now on a five acre wildlife preserve in Florida. Her paintings have been sold through eBay and Etsy to a worldwide audience.

Mary currently works in two artistic fields: watercolors and oils, and she is known primarily for painting tiny paintings that are 4" x 4" or smaller.  She paints a huge variety of subjects including animals, birds, florals, and landscapes.

Explaining why she prefers watercolor over other painting mediums, she says, "Water is everywhere, and we depend on water for life, so to me it feels like such a natural medium to suspend pigment in for adding color to paper.  I am always surprised with every watercolor painting, as the miracles of dissolution, dispersion, drying, and blending occur without the artist's permission much of the time.  The artist can guide and suggest through experience and technique, but at the end of the day the watercolor paint dances just as it wants to as it is embraced by water and flows across the page."
"Every painting I create, no matter how small (most of my art is 2.5" x 3.5"), carries a little piece of my spirit with it when it goes to it's new home.  I love every painting as if it were my only painting this year!  When I package the art for delivery, I imagine the recipient smiling and feeling blessed by the little original artwork that has traveled from the hand of the artist to you." 
When Mary isn't painting, she's outside enjoying nature, watching the cormorants, ibis, egrets, herons, anhingas, ducks, spoonbills, hawks, ospreys, fish, wild peacocks, and songbirds that love to congregate around her one acre pond.  There are also QUITE A FEW chickens that hang out with Mary and make her smile.
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